Diane and Gene, who argue, even when they agree, found a miraculous harmony the instant they boarded a Canadian canoe. Those of you who are paying attention will have noticed from the photo, (above right), that Diane paddles port, Gene starboard, (nautical, or what?)
  This was a flukeless divine decree, as witnessed by Canute's Canadian successor, and had nothing to do with the sinking of Canute. Diane does it this way, Gene does it that; which is great in a Canadian canoe. When it comes to making love, though! Not to mention.... Have you tried making love in a Canadian canoe?

Diane and Martin Derwent Water 1994
Diane Trent and Mersey Canal 1981
Diane Trent and Mersey Canal




   Progress.  Diane in Mustard, (1) T & M. Paddle is recovered Canute paddles joined with insulation tape! (2) T & M with "proper" (Gene built) paddle! (3) On Derwent Water, (with Martin in Rhubarb) and Skiddaw beyond and buoyancy aid, (ex Norwich car boot sale!)

Cucumber under Construction
Cucumber with First Undercoat

...G cramps off



Cucumber (R)
Trevor Monk's
never to be
completed sister ship (L)

Looking good! But will it go
through the door?

Cockermouth School's
G cramps on...

Cucumber and Skiddaw

The Coming of Cucumber 

..to beauty contest with Skiddaw