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Flags are for flying

They're for waving too and there's a lot of it about at The Last Night Of The Proms. Sounds a bit like prompt and them as perceive nowt but naked nationalism can't resist the one that prompts "Ban the Banner". NO! It's about waving flags, except in 2016 when, Referendum - prompted, a troubled bunch of sore losers offered EU flags to queueing Promenaders.

Not many takers! Just as well too! The Royal Albert Hall was awash with waves of Multinational Folk having a bloody good time and waving International Colour to prove it. The drab EU effort just doesn't hack it. D&G can do much better and flew these two at York.

CARDIFF was on the CARDS That's what did it. As D&G planned their WNBR programme for 2017, Cardiff was in-penciiled in pen. Wales is a longish way from D&G's CUMBRIA home, but CUMBRIA isn't far from CAMBRIA in spirit. Same place really, separated by millennia rather than miles. How to connect? Obvious ... The Welsh (Cambrian) Flag and the Cumbrian Flag ... Fly 'em together, combine 'em in a bike decoration. And they did. Meant purchasing cycle flag poles, (cheap, excellent, intended for childs and on-line gettable), conjuring up other flags for other WNBRides and providing a title for Diane to apply to this web page. But first .... BRIGHTON.

Brighton Route 2017
York Route 2017
Cardiff Route 2017
Clacton Route 2017

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Brighton WNBR Cardiff WNBR York WNBR Clacton WNBR
Sunday 11th June Saturday 17th June Sunday 25th June Saturday 15th July
2017 2017 2017 2017

D&G's WNBR Record
to 2017 inclusive.
5 years
10 venues
16 rides

Naked Bike Ride Table

Note ... Newcastle is listed as such for convenience of space, but is officially Newcastle Gateshead.
In the Wiki List of Rides Brighton appears as Brighton & Hove, but their programme is Hove-less.

D&G’s WNBR YouTube Videos (Up to and including 2017)

Diane and Gene have made and posted four videos of WNBR’s they have participated in :-
1. World Naked Bike Ride London and York 2013 22 minutes 28 seconds Uploaded 23-7-13 Age restricted. *
2. WNBR 2015 Rest Stops 3 minutes 18 seconds Uploaded 7-7-15 Contains copyrighted material. **
3. Music at Brighton WNBR 2016 5 minutes 1 second Uploaded 30-7-16 Age restricted. *
4. Brighton Rock and Roll 11 minutes 48 seconds Uploaded 18-7-17 Contains copyrighted material. **
* Age restriction of 18 years minimum imposed by YouTube. D&G have no idea why two of their videos "escaped".
** Copyrighted material consists of recorded music being played in public by ride participants et al. not by D&G who simply captured it.
A different two videos "escaped" but D&G's "no idea" remains the same. Another D&G "no idea" concerns the differences in success rate measured by number of views. All four videos appear on this website, the last on this page. YouTube (thehumangenehome) links :-


(9th Jan 2020)
1. 5,649
2. 96,901
3. 119,096
4. 26,705

Links to other 2017 WNBR sources featuring D&G.


This video features D&G's campervan, CROFT VAN III near Hove Lawns, but not D&G.


One of these



it a


Diane at Cardiff WNBR 2017