A=Spurn Head. B=Flamborough Head. A to B not quite Straight Line. Head to Head S-Shaped Line. Head 2 Head 45 Mile-Shaped Line.







Spurn Old
Paull 1




Seems she was nautical too! Married a lighthouse keeper! So, Ethel wasn't just Diane's secret granny. She was her mermaid granny!

  Head 2 Head is a long walk on the East Riding maritime coast. There's a lighthouse at each end and another en-route at Withernsea, C. In Gene's day you could visit the Flamborough and Withernsea Lighthouses, (and he did). Spurn was another matter, but he did that too, in 1966, by special arrangement. There's a Smeaton (Eddystone) connection at Spurn. Also remains of an old low light, D. East Riding has an estuarine coast too. It has no major lighthouse, but minor, or whatever, the one at Paull, E, is a real cutie! Interests nautical and perambulatory sum up Gene's tenuous lighthouse connections. Diane's links are fundamental.......she used to be a mermaid!

 The Mermaid Gene

  No, Gene was never a mermaid! Diane was.....through a gene from an ancestor. Who? It is well known that lighthouse keepers marry mermaids. Therefore anyone who marries a lighthouse keeper must be a mermaid! Dodgy logic, or not, Ethel, met before and rapidly becoming the star of this website, was naughty, as noted already.