Rockhenge CD Front Cover

Molecular Dog
  Hey there Molecular Dog you’re barking up the wrong tree
  Up there your lower leg too be sure to cover your knee
  Wearing your modified jeans too wide
  Sure won’t fit anyone else’s hide
  Ain’t never caught a rabbit you’ll never catch a hare
  Fast breeders leave you standing so plain you’re nowhere
  H’llo there right under your tree and plumb below the weakest bough
  Bay there Molecular Dog if the bough breaks there’ll be no bow-wow
  Can’t you see I’m a relevant elephant
  My trunk holds my tree real tight
  Shame your tree ain’t no elegant element
  And your kinda elephant’s white
  The trunk of my tree maybe ain’t that big
  But nineteen branches got a million twigs
  Hey there Molecular Dog there’s bark on all the right trees
  Down there you raise your leg to the fear of covering your feet
  Wearing your modified jeans too thin
  Ain’t fit for anyone else’s skin
  You caught a funny habit and something in your hair
  Loose braiders leave you pretty but sitting nowhere
  Hi there left out on a limb plum branch but never strong enough
  Pray there Molecular Dog when the bough breaks there’ll be no woof-woof