And where's Martin's?




...1 and 2...same Gene, same hat, same coat and same pose!
Different winter. One of the photos is in Val Veny, Italy, the other a field down Calf Lonning, Plumbland! Clue as to which is which... Plumbland isn't noted for Alpine views, but you're highly likely to encounter strewn wellies! The connection is...
Cockermouth School
   In Gene's 19 year's at Cockermouth he was snowed-in at Plumbland two, or three times, February 6th & 7th 1996, following a White Christmas in '95, being one. Schools closed, out came sledges and skis. Cockermouth's Ski-Trip to Courmayeur in Jan-Feb 1989 hit a last minute snag; one of the