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Gold Electronic Structure Tattoo Reduced for Websi
Silver Electronic Structure Tattoo Reduced for Web


Six rides for D&G in 2018; Southampton to Helsinki in heatwave June-July, the former venue a repeat stylewise of York 2017, i.e. total clobberlessness.
So these 2 pics relate to Ride 2, Portsmouth, where Silver and Gold, (as in Nutmeg and Pear) themed. Atomic Numbers 47 and 79, (the colours give away who wore which) alarmed one bloke who thought D had beaten his WNBR total! These were designs for backs. What little else was worn was gold/silver excluding bowties, which were accidentally left in the campervan!

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The Periodic Table, a work more beautiful than any with the brush, self-paints the cosmic canvas from a palette of elemental electronic structures. Even clumsy human efforts to portray these symbolically, (e.g. the two above), have a certain mathematically artistic quality, which is why D&G chose to employ them as adornment. There are them as'll bugger up the elegance though and tell you that some of the subshells are energetically out of order. Well orbitals to them, but anyway these arrangements apply only to individual atoms completely isolated from others elsewhere in the Universe, including their own kind. Hardly the case in lumps of silver/gold, as when the likes of Clint Eastwood heaves a bloody big sack full of the latter across his unsuspecting horse. The GG hasn't a clue what the density of gold is and is highly unlikely to know much about the whereabouts of all the extra electrons "orbiting" all the extra nucleons it's just been saddled with. And, should you think all this a little esoteric, remember ... with the rainbow the Periodic Table isn't the property of some exclusive group ... they belong to everyone. Silver Atomic Number 47 Gold Atomic Number 79

Southampton WNBR Friday 1st June 2018

Distance 6.71 miles Total Riding Time 1 hour 11 minutes 53 seconds Average Speed 5.6 mph Maximum Speed 12.4 mph
In fact Gene forgot to stop his bike computer at the ride's end (again!) and the above stats are adjusted for the map measured distance ride's end to campervan (0.3 miles). Weather was warm and calm with thin cloud cover, which with an early evening start is ideal when baring all, feet and hairless head (G) included. Total time was well over 2 hours and included a couple of stops in contact with Friday night's public, a ride around in front of the Guildhall and a circuit of a model yachting pond near the start/finish on Southampton Common.

P'raps 60 rode, just 10% female, but 2 of 'em with a bloke, (1 speshly), bellowed annoyingly throughout. "Oil" and "No" mostly, mebbe in a different order, but did your public get it? Riders did, like a stuck record! So how would she run the planet then? Noticeably she didn't take her knickers off. Y'can bet they were built (part at least) of synthetic stuff and so oil-sourced. One wonders eh? But this isn't how to impress the public WNBR-wise. For that see Cork. Ms Voice is in a photo (R), as is the only lass other than Diane to get all her kit off. Click 'em

Southampton WNBR 2018


When G's son Philip et family moved to Portsmouth(ish) '96-'97 (ish), he (P) showed his dad around and took him oft-ish to watch footie at Fratton Park. Pompey, (then) struggling, won every time G turned up stand-wise (even though it was all-seater by then), but fact is G had beaten P to it (Pompey) muchly. G did the Great South Run in Portsmouth (10-10-93). Better, he'd lived there, 'cos G's mam'd shadowed his wartime naval dad's ship there and 13 Pelham Road, Southsea was a roof over a titchling G for a little while. G ran his second Great South with P (10-10-04), but in 2018 he was back with his naughty bits out .. after which he went to see Pelham Road again 75 yrs on.

Silver Nutmeg
Golden Pear

Portsmouth WNBR Saturday 2nd June 2018

Distance 12.96 miles Total Riding Time 2 hr. 12m. 53 s. Speed Max 11.2 mph Ave 5.8 mph
Easily the longest WNBR D&G have done. Slightly fewer riders than Southampton and again few females. Only 2 completely naked, Diane and the girl from Southampton on 1st June. Weather hot and sunny throughout. Total time taken was around 3 hours.

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The ride started at 2.30pm and

soon passed a church (St Mary's?) complete with wedding and reached a rest stop near "Coffee Cup" on Eastney Esplanade. At Clarence Esplanade the ride completed a circuit of the roundabout before continuing
then at The Hard near HMS Warrior another halt was caused/lengthened by "contact" between one of the bikes and a motor vehicle. D&G never discovered the why/what. At HMS Nelson the route went round a fancy gate of sorts. Pics (L) lack D&G's gold/silver bowties.

Naked girl via Southampton smiles in 24th pic.

D&G saw her at Brighton too. Was she at London?

Portsmouth WNBR 2018