Fellsman Shield
16-4-67 Citron Seat
18-4-67 Harter Fell
10-5-67 Hoove (The Stang)
21-5-67 Yarlside
29-5-67 Cross Fell
4-8-69 West Kirby to all 3 Hilbre Islands
20-9-69 Islington Hill
29-3-70 Addlebrough
30-8-70 Three Pikes
18-7-71 Stac Pollaidh
30-8-71 Pen Hill, Harland Hill
18-8-68 Knock Pike
15-9-68 Great Stony Hill
6-8-70 West Kirby to Little Hilbre Island
28-3-71 Goldsborough
5-9-71 How Tallon
20-5-72 Noon Hill
21-5-72 Standards
16-7-72 Shacklesborough
10-9-72 Citron Seat
11-3-73 Yorburgh, Wether Fell
10-6-73 Great Dummacks

Alping Themselves

  1st February 1975. Newcastle's LD Mountain Centre staff facial expression said it all! "Tell us and sell us," dared G&J, "Stuff for climbing Matterhorn!" A practice rock climb, or two at Cat Castle and Holwick, then with axes and crampons rented, or lent, they climbed Wetterhorn to try out "stuff", retrieving in descent one hired hatchet, (as in lowered J, gully and dropped-down), enabling its timely brake deployment, (as in halted G, cliff and fall-off)! Four days more saw Eiger conquered with Blackburn bloke, Rod Hanson, this descent involving three abseils and a J cartilage catastrophe, G's attitude to which probably prompted impending Pardoe penetration, (as in more senses than one, where the actual number is an integer less than 3).
  Knee-nursing J became a Matterhorn misser, as did G on his first attempt, retreating jelly-resembler death fall witness from high above the Swiss Shoulder. Success with Richard Andenmatten came four more other days later.