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How long to form a habit?
Not long it seems. Diane and Gene, 33-year dwellers at Croft Farm, day 1-ish rewired, including swiftly shifting switches, still attempt to operate 2016 lights at extinct 1983 wall locations.
On the other hand, (well leg actually), G’s 20-odd year Hull bike nurtured cycle clip habit lay dormant for years after relocating to



bike-less Barnard Castle, erupting
unexpectedly the day G walked to work in his bike clips! Does any bloke folk wear cycle clips any more? Trousers ain’t what they used to be. Neither are trousered blokes, who might well be folkesses, but D&G have yet to see anyone, M or F in bike clips on a Naked Bike Ride.
It’s the naked bit that does it and it’s the naked bit that tends to aim for sun of summer, which given enough attempts will be achieved, as will of course, later or sooner, sunlessness of the grey sort with associated nippiness/sogginess on a scale of zero to one hell of a lot.
And so it came to pass that D&G should be punished for 8 on-the-belt blue sky rides, (5 venues covering ’13, ’14 and ’15) with a 2016 vengeance! The shades-shunning sun was there alright, but rode cycle clipped and mufflered leaving D&G to endure 4 rides in nought but goose bumps. Manchester rained on its ride, though almost imperceptibly and close to warmly, while Brighton’s rain ceased to fall shortly before the ride aligned itself with the shore straight into the nippy gums of a nipple steepling breeze. Cambridge matched Brighton’s sunlessness coldlier still save a shadow forming interlude lasting about a minute of the exaggerated variety.
That left Newcastle-Gateshead. What could England’s northerliest naked ride offer? Well more sun than the other three put together, as it turned out, but it wasn’t Hadrian’s wall to wall belonging to anyone else. The brief rain shepherded Tyne crossing on the High Level Bridge was equally high and level, as in horizontal, but there was warmth too, occasionally of the radiant sort, unoccasionally to finish.