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Left Corsica 2007. Gene climbed Monte Cinto, Diane didn't. Below Mallorca 2008. Puig Major in two views is Mallorca's highest peak.

Left Crete 2008. While Gene climbed Mt. Ida Diane visited Ideon Andron, where Zeus lived when he was nobbut a lad. Below Menorca 2009.

Belower still
Lanzarote in
2010. Diane did Corona & took best pics.

Left and also 2010 Hondo and other volcanic peaks
Both LZ & FV
have smaller islands to the north, LZ's is Graciosa, FV's Lobos. D&G visited both and ascended the highest peak on each. Click pics 2C.

Right & below Gran Canaria 2011. Peaks reversible, removable, refusable and refutable, all remarkable. Reversible, as in upside down, Bandama. Start on the Pico, at the road end, descend 600+ feet to the crater floor. Removable, as in sideways, the shifting dunes at Maspalomas. Refusable, as in "No thanks", Roque Nublo's 200+ feet verticality. As in military oral orders' "Gerroff(o)", ignoring for the use of, whence sneak through prebreached perimeter fence to gain trig point reveals Refutable, as in there's a fang of inaccessible nearby rock clearly higher than this supposed top point of the island, (Pico de las Nieves). Another upside down high spot, the keen cut col Degollada de Aguas Sabinas en route to the remote Güi Güi beach, permitting feet on two mountains and all else in mid air, (see pic).

Below & left
Tenerife and
La Gomera
2011 ...a tale
of Teide.....

Go to Tenerife with duff info, as did D&G, and you won't get up Spain's top spot. Teide's tip needs permit via website as won't give what it says is available. Result: frustration at foot of final feet of a monster firework that needs to be protected!
Guajara, high point on the caldera, was a consolation, while Sombrerito just looked good. Conde cried out to be climbed when first viewed from "Hippie Beach", which a hippie told G was Playa Los Morteros, (possibly with "de"). Titchy volcanic temptations abound around & about, and Montaña Amarilla turns out to have an enviable summit ridge. Malpasito has an irresistable name, while Montaña Roja requires bootees and other clothing for an ascent after a naked day on the beach at its foot. La Gomera culminates in Garajonay, an easy ascent to a summit made for pic-nics, if it weren't for the zillions of tiny flies that have their headquarters exactly here. Just possible to stand still long enough for a photo. If the buggers bit as well...guess who they'd bite! La Gomera's lovely and, on the right side, guess what you can see! Teide!

  Left ......
  La Palma 2012
  east pm cloud,
  fab forest and
  volcanoes old
  & young. Old &
  new mix-up in
  Cumbre(s), but
  that's OK. Not
  OK ... arbitrarily
  shutting bits,
  but not all, of crater rims, (e.g. Volcan San Antonio ... trig of which ain't highest point ... guess which bit's shut!). Volcan Teneguia's the latest upstart, just missing the lighthouse when it spewed into the ocean in 1971. F-knows what it'd done if it's aim'd been better, but these buggers need protection from yer boots! 2 million yonk-old Taburiente's massive erosion crater sports the highest peaks and Parque Nacional signs at intervals more frequent than fortlety turrety thingies on a wall called Hadrian (de). They might look all the same to you, lad, (lass), but D fell in love with the one on Pico de la Cruz! Other Picos include Pared de Roberto, (as in Bob's Wall), Fuente Nueva, and top spot, Roque de los Muchachos, where the roped-off summit roques, (as in muchachos), required a trespass, as in couldn't give a toss! (Imagine 'em roping-off Tryfan's Adam 'n' Eve. Wotcha reckon God'd say 'bout that?) The Spanish might be scuppered without the fifteenth letter, but Pico Bejenado's got just as many e's, a Caldera seat severed from the Caldera Set by Cumbrecita, and birds, (as in dickie), tame enough to eat outa your wallet, (purse). Cumbre, (old-as-in-new) Vieja's Pico Birigoyo was Cumbria-cold on D&G's day, while Cumbre (new-as-in old) Nueva's TV transmitter-festooned Cumbrera, as in highest point of this bit, required another trespass, as in couldn't you know what! Diane sneaked a wee here too! Well, more a you know what than a sneak, but likely got herself beamed all over the Spain-speak world!

Ibiza 2012 (below)
  Ibiza's covered in hills covered in trees and Sa Talaisa's leaves relent only on its lower north top. Yea, OK! They're pines, but needles don't relent like leaves and don't relent at all at the island's high spot a tad southly, presumably the why behind the mast-accompanying trig pillar perched 35ft. in the sky. What's the why, though, re a second trig, decorated, but truncated, even if it might've been first? D&G thunk tall trig must be the triggest, as in biggest up, but only for a day, 'cos if Torre, (Tower), de ses Portes' suspected trig really is a trig, it's trigger, as in skylier perched, by a couple of foots. Punta de ses Portes, (& tower), lies twixt two strands, Cavallet, (as in FKK, rendered monosyllabically with a "u" by D, as in German for official bare beach), and Migjorn, (Salines), bare, but non-F. Means D&G walked round Ibiza's, (reputed), most southerly point*, transmuting from proper nudists to improper ones in the vicinity of the Torre and other parts!

*D&G reckon Punta de la Rama has a good chance of being southlier than Portes, but Punta des Moscarter, with its stretched humbug of a lighthouse, is deffo the northest Ibiza bit, even with clothes on. Staying north, confirmably trigless Torre des Molar's climbable, while Sa Toretta, unrivalled boreal

summit, fails to meet claimed 3rd high spot**. Puig de Missa's titchiness, accentuated by etc. (including church) on the summit, is steps-accessible in minutes and Santa Eularia commanding. Why? Puig accentuates church etc, that's why!

** The Hills of Ibiza

  Most folk who go to Ibiza aren't too fussed about hills and Ibiza knows it, which is prob why info on hills isn't as thick on the ground as foam, (waist deep, dancing in for the use of). D&G took peak pics of a puig screaming to be picced, (33 & 34 in gallery above), but, in spite of much effort in the following days, were unable to identify it, having failed to take a bearing at the time of piccing. They suspect that it is either Talaia de sa Cala, or Puig de s' Aguilla, (and if that should be Aguila blame the AA map). If you know the puig identity D&G would love to know. Pics 20 & 21 in gallery above, post Punta de ses Portes trip, (6-9-12), feature a better sunset than 8-9-12, (those of), but the latter lend themselves to construction of a panorama, the real life version of which hides the joins clearly visible in the pic below, which is taken from the point where the road crosses Ses Salines. Sa Talaisa is deffo the (faint) distant summit, (L), in the pic. The others named are obscured by foam, (waist deep, dancing in for the use of), but deduced, post pic, from the map. D&G are willing to bet they're right. Sa Talaisa isn't the sensationalistest ascent, but it's pleasant enough; even pleasanter, Sa Torreta, which would be Ibiza's 3rd highest if it wasn't, as in weren't. The following list of Ibizan 400 metre summits, compiled via reference to the AA Island Map and associates, will assist in settling the question, wrt your opinion/conclusion/couldn't give a toss, re Sa Torreta's status, as in etc.
  Sa Talaisa (Sa Talaia) 476 metres
  Puig d'en Serra 436 metres
  Puig Gros o des Cirer 419 metres
  Sa Toretta (Furnas, Es Fornas 416 metres
  Puig d'en Forns)
  Puig de Cala Llentrisca 414 Metres
  Puig des Merlet 403 metres
  Camp Vell 400 metres

Unlabelled Panorama for Website

Composite Panorama of Ibiza's Southern Hills from Ses Salines, 8-9-12.

(See notes in text above)

Sa Talaisa

Puig d'en Palleu

Puig Gros o des Cirer

Puig des Merlet

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