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To Miff  A verb of mostly Passive Voice, as in D,G&M were miffed, The Last Ark contest did the miffing, (Active), in asking for sex, then reckoning either would do. C'mon! The tambourine Tamandua musta been one or t'other. Fair bet if you offer a Tamandua sex, you'll get turned down if you ain't t'other sort! Prob won't stand much chance either, if you're not into ant sandwiches! Fussy, or what? An' another thing ... 20 adult runneruppers got Tamandua limited edition print. D,G&M's is 19/35, so who's got the other 15? Woulda been a 16-minus winner and 5 uprunners, but no lim-ed for them. Plus no under-ager got it right anyway, so there's 15 Tamanduas out there on the loose ... all the same sex, but no idea which! Finalmently ... Ark evidence, as in existence thereof. Don't go scampering up Mount Acrobat. Too much of a slog, maps in Turkish and D,G&M will not accept responsibility for falling off, or drowning, flood therein. An' anyroadup you'd be better off spending design time on your own Ark, as in dimensions thereof, as in could you you make one small enough to be invisible when perched on said Acrobat? Not to mention the question of contraception. No breeding pre-disembarkment! Speshly wamials with breeding cycles shorter than flood duration. They'da been either mightily frustrated, or sneakin' into Noah's loo for crafty nooky when he was busy Ark steering!



Croft Farm Swallows Log Summer 2014

11th April First lone swallow seen near Croft Farm at 1.10pm.
14th April Swallows seen in Plumbland and Threapland.
15th April Two swallows seen near Croft Farm at 11.30am.
No evidence of swallows entering the loo, but a large amount of other nesting material was deposited on the shelves in the loo and
also in the old swallow nests. This material was clearly not of swallow origin, large quantities of leaves on the shelves and grass
straw in the old nests. Gene removed this material on 11th and 12th April and again on 16th to 18th April, during which time the East
Corner Nest was badly damaged, the West Corner Nest was slightly damaged. All this activity was complicated by the in-loo camera
malfunctioning on 16th April, necessitating visiting the nesting sites many times. Camera function was not restored until 25th April.
The removed nesting material was consistently replaced with neat linings of moss in the West Corner Nest and on 22nd April it was
decided not to interfere further. Swallows were unlikely to return under these circumstances and it was believed that the new
occupants were robins, soon confirmed. One egg was confirmed in the West Corner Nest on the day camera function was restored.
25th April One egg.
28th April Two eggs.
29th April Three eggs. Female robin on nest in evening.
30th April Female robin incubating during the day, but also left the nest, being fed by the male in a nearby bush. Both birds then
left. During absence Gene checked the nest. Three eggs. Female returned to nest later and the male visited to feed
her from time to time. Nest not always attended by either bird, even during hours of darkness.
1st May to This pattern of female incubating, male feeding female at nest, and female leaving the nest for short periods
8th May continued. On 5th May female seemed to leave nest for several hours, on 6th May she seemed to hardly leave at all.
7th May was wet and windy, 8th May was dull, cool and damp.
8th May Late evening Diane and Gene heard a thud outside. Gene investigated, but found nothing.
9th May At 6.00am the female was absent. 6.30am the male arrived at nest with beak full of food for female. After a few
seconds he left with the food. Neither bird seen at nest again. Gene checked nest. Still three eggs.
10th May Nest appears to be abandoned.
It is possible that the female abandoned the nest because she realised that the eggs were not going to hatch. More likely the female
was taken by a predator. The male clearly expected to find the female present on 9th May and Diane and Gene believe that a tawny
owl is close by. There are also cats in the area. There might be another explanation, but the loo robins didn't make it this time.
18th May Gene removed the three eggs and put them on the bird table. They had been eaten a few days later.
1st July East Corner Nest removed.
After a very good, long summer swallows stayed on in Plumbland until well into October, although in ever reducing numbers. Diane
and Gene were absent on 8th and 9th October, after which no further sighting. Swallows by this time appeared to fly with house
martins, sometimes difficult to tell apart when dashing past. Swallows sighted in Plumbland 6th October. Last hirundines seen on
7th October, (swallows and house martins?)

Croft Farm Swallows Log Summer 2015

11th April Possible swallow sighting north of West Newton.
16th April Two swallows in Plumbland.
17th April More swallows in Plumbland. Greater numbers in Threapland.
No swallows came to Croft Farm outside loo this year.
No swallows seen in Plumbland after 5th October.