B Symbol

British Inter-Dependence

Great nations with a stirring history of struggle, longer than a piece of non-peace string, on an island, or two, off Europe's northern coast, at even longer length made it and made up to become the most successful political union of all time and an even greater nation, which gave so much to the world, including its shape today, height, breadth, as well as length. And yet there are those who want to dismantle it! Many adjectives are applicable. Barmy is one. But quite apart from that, if the barmy get their way, it'll make foreigners of half of G's family. Unlikely that G's unique in that respect, but D&G oppose the Scots who want to bugger it, so they thought they'd say so on a couple of WNBR's. London and York 2014 were chosen, 'cos they'd done 'em before, (2013), and because they were gonna do 'em again ! (2014).

York World Naked Bike Ride Friday 20th June 2014

A lovely day overcast itself a bit for a while, as the ride began, but D&G were soon in the sun-
shine again as they WNBRode tandem for the first time, going British for the second time. G
has a sporran full of Scottish stuff, as in Gene's mam's mam's genes, but worrabout D? Well,
her north of Hadrian's Wall birth apart, she actually likes haggis, and half owns Valentine,
who(ich) appeared to her, (and G), in Scotland, but is from France, (Mercier / Auld Alliance),
the latter a massive compliment / respect to / for England. C'mon Scotland, we've grown up!

Painting Thistles Red, White and Blue

No! Not daubin' 'em in the prickly field! Emblazonin' the national emblem of part of UK in whole UK colours, as if hewn from the Union Flag. Not easy! Waddy fink of D&G's efforts as clickable below?

Route York WNBR 2014

The route, at 7 miles (ish), (6 in 2013), was different in character too. D&G's attempted reconstruction has italics for guessses!
Across Millennium Br. to Racecourse, then Knaves-mire Rd. Mount Vale, Dalton Terr, Holgate Rd. Poppleton Rd. acrosss R. Ouse at Water End, by R. Ouse to first Photocall, Marygate, Bootham Bar, High Petergate, between Minster and St Michael le Belfrey, Deangate, Good-ramgate, Aldwark, St And-rewgate, Colliergate, Whipmawhapmagate, Pavement, Coppergate, Clifford St, Clifford's Tower, Tower St, (across R. Foss), George St, Fishergate Bar, The Univerity, Walmgate Stray, Army Vehicle Depot near Fulford Rd, Hospital Fields Rd, R. Ouse by Millennium Br.

shows most of the route, which was longer, (almost 2 hr total), in time than 2013 and involved riding people/traffic-free in places, in others obstruction, (bollards, "stiles", "cattle" grids), unfree on cycleways, holding up progress. Awkward for D&G on Valentine.
If cycling among spectators is the aim, 2013 achieved it more fully. 2014 was a good one, though, with visits to different city centre areas.

shows in full the start on Millennium Bridge. D&G are on the first of two tandems, just behind the traffic cones, (who were at London 2014 too). With care and patience the riders can be counted and if 2013 at 106 was York's then biggest, 2014 beat it.
D&G made it 121, excluding the lady being pushed ahead of a bike. With even more C&P the sex imbalance can be determined. D&G count 106 men and 15 women, (14%), of whom 7, (6.5% approx.), were totally dared bare! Surely there are more cyclistesses out there!

What it's all about

Not The Hokey Cokey, for sure, but shake it all about maybe, as long as nude doesn't turn crude, rude, or lewd. And shaking it all about on yer bike? It's not parading a cyclism halo before motorists from Hell. It's the spirit of freedom ... of the human form ... of wheelpower as an extension of the human body ... of the human mind to comprehend. WNBR is entertainment. See it that way and let minds understand.