Later WNBRs

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* 101's the next palindromic prime, followed by 131, 151, 181, 191, 313, 353, 373, 383, 727, 757, 787, 797, 919, 929 below 1000.
** First ascent, Tenzing & Hillary 29-5-53.
*** Jim Peters, Empire Games Marathon, 7-8-54.

Video of WNBR London & York 2013.
After its 22min 26 sec you should understand the colour scheme of this web page.
Adults (18+) only!


Pics, video, 'twas all done by D&G on the rides, mostly on the move, the difficulty being sunglasses augmented, which, while coolly matching mini amounts of apparel, hampered screen vision no end. Camcordering from the saddle, including transfer twixt D&G, required trick cycling skills, so to eliminate the added problem of device status, it was left running much of the time. Swinging from a palm while associated fingers grappled with handlebars and ilk, ensured an accumulation of kilometres of rubbish footage, which not only requires a conversion factor, but neatly illustrates metric's inability to spawn half decent terminology. Bike and body parts, both blurred and blatant, mostly useless, save the deliberate compilation starting around 3 mins 35 sec and ending with D's expletive, did serve up a few unexpected useables, however, including the lady at 16 mins 41 sec captured half accidentally, but upside down, in Covent Garden. Her beauty didn't need 180 inversion, but got it, while the Mystery Girl appearing south of the Thames and subsequently in the credits, was a total fluke requiring correction through a right angle. NOTE YouTube's age restriction on the video.